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Saturday, October 07, 2017

Hello,  Enjoying Machins - Part III  - Here is the final piece on SG 2124.  I thought It worth adding this final stamp.

4 copies now, left to right -  Walsall printing. De La Rue printing,  Questa printing and now the 4th stamp which is another Questa but from a booklet, it has perforation 14 and is listed as SG 2124d.  The first three have perf 15 x 14.

Now one additional comment - I commented in Part II that one way to determine De La Rue from Questa was to look at the distance between the top of the crown and the margin.  My thanks to Ian Norvic for his excellent feedback - Ian comments that the distance between the top of the diadem and the perforations is not really workable because the perfs can vary.  I should have mentioned this but was generalising a bit too much.  Sometimes it is easier to see than others.   Technically the distance should be the gap between the base of one image and the tip of the diadem on the image below.  Can be hard when we have only a single stamp to look at. Thanks Ian - his work is always brilliant and readers interested in more can read Ian at

My own additional comment is that I have been looking at perforations (thus this Part III - and perf 14 is only Questa so I have used that as a further "guide" to helping me differentiate between De La Rue and Questa  because one can clearly see the closeness of the diadem to the margin on the perf 14 stamp.  Sorry if I am overly complicating this now.

There is one other aspect  for study you might enjoy - and that is looking at the phosphors. I have not got into that yet but I do have a picture from a random selection of 30 I looked at today, which I thought you might enjoy seeing. I  even found a few "thinner" left and "thinner" right phosphors.     my brain will surely be aching if I start studying all these!!!!!!! 
Enjoy your Machins and have a great weekend


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