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Saturday, August 05, 2017


A few words tonight on the subject of cddstamps online store and the topic of stamps with postal cancels that are for the year in which the stamp(s) were issued, or close to the year in which they were issued.

First the online store - July was a busy month for us, many orders, lots of stamps to be packed and also many more stamps added to the store. Hopefully many happy customers and many gaps filled their collections.  FYI, we now have over 32,000 lots available in the store. Many more GB, now over 12,000 including over 2000 Machins,

As for postal cancels -  when we list stamps in the store we try to select stamps from our stock that have postal cancels that are current for the year of issue, or close to it.  Above top, SG 1808, issued 1994 and right  SG 1639, issued 1993, with a 2001 cancel.

Perhaps like us, you like your used stamps to have been postally used during the period they were available for release. I say this because we find on mails to us that many people these days are using “older” stamps for postage.  We received a letter the other day and the stamps used for postage were issued in 1999.  Yes they were “postally used” but we prefer postally used to mean postally used in the period they were issued.  Your thoughts?

Enjoy your philately, and especially enjoy visiting cddstamps.

Regards    Michael


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