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Monday, January 23, 2017

Hello, well it took me a few days longer that i planned but here are the booklet stamps I mentioned in the previous post. The have bottom margin imperf and the top strip shows bottom right corner margin imperf as well. These are from the 1982 Eucalyptus Flowers booklet issue. The top strip has (left to right) SG 871, SG 870 and SG 874. No real catalogue value to these three but just nice to have as a strip perhaps. There is a  3c and 10c value which do have a catalogue value and again are good to have in your collection with different imperf margins - that is, they came from different positions in the booklet panes.

Sadly the second example has a short top left corner perf but perhaps still collectible because of the arrangement of the stamps. Se-tenant 1c - 2c whereas the top strip of three is se-tenant 2c - 1c.

These and a few more are in the cddstamps online store where we now have 4000 listings for Australian stamps.

Enjoy your stamps, Best wishes    Michael


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