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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hello, Today a few Australian stamps. I have been listing more Australia in the cddstamps online store and thought you might enjoy seeing these.

I have mentioned before how a good catalogue is really a “must have” because there are often small differences in what seem to be the same stamp. The top two are SG 796 (top) and 796a,  the 50c stamp from the 1981 – 83 Wildlife issue.  SG 796 is perf 12½ with a catalogue value of 10p, while SG 796a is perf 14 x 14½, catalogued at £1.75

The next two stamps are from the same issue -  the 75c value, SG 801 (top)  with perf 12½, catalogued at 90p, and SG 801a  with perf 14 x 14½, catalogued at £1.50.

While the catalogue value is one reason for noting the difference, the other, more important one in my view, is to know you have both in your collection.

Tomorrow I will show some booklet issues and the various imperf  and se-tenant conditions you can expect to find, again some differences I think worthy of having in your collection.

Of course, it goes without saying, but I will say it anyway – just in case you are looking to improve your collection – cddstamps has these stamps and many other perf differences in our online store – click here to go directly to the Australia listings, some 3800 listings for you to choose from.

Enjoy your stamps, Best wishes   Michael


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