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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Hello, Hope everyone well and that you like this stamp. Yes I know it is upside down. It is GV  inverted  watermark,  SG 455wi.  I have been sorting and cataloguing and listing more stock in my Bidstart Store   Actually been quite busy and enjoying the study. More to come as well.  If you are looking to fill a gap or two in your collection there are now over 9200 items listed. Including additional  material from Fiji, Australia, Hong Kong, some stunning high value items I found in my stock, and which I can personally vouch for the quality and postmarks  as I posted them to myself on some parcels I had to send,  and GB, New Zealand and Ireland.  Yes I have been busy. Well about time too eh!!!!

Hope you enjoy looking. As you may know, you can easily search for the stamp you are looking for by typing the SG number, 1234,  into the "Search Store For"  field.

Best wishes.. enjoy your stamps.   Michael


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