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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Hi, well everyone seems to be writing about the anniversary of the issue of the Penny Black. So hey why not add to that thread.  I wanted to show you my special copy, with  the letters MD, but true to form I cannot find it. It is somewhere in my study, filed in pages and / or  boxes of stamps. Oh how disorganized am I.

Never mind. It is there somewhere, so this one from my very poor collection. But I do like the letters. BB,    don't you. Think about it :-)  Not as good as JA  but that is in my friends collection. :-)  Private comment of course :-)

Yes in 1840, this wonderful stamp was issued. what progress and regress we have made since then. Some wonderful designs on stamps and then again some awful design, if you can even call them designs.  But lets look on the positive side as I think the good far outweigh the bad. And anyway, collecting them is the good and fun part after all. And so relaxing and good for our peace of mind.

Enjoy your stamps...  Michael


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