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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hi,     I managed to get this FDC yesterday. Stunning in my view. This MS shows the the first banknote issued by the Commonwealth of Australia in May 1913.  The stamps were issued at the Melbourne World Stamp Expo last Saturday. I went to the opening day on the Friday. Excellent show. Cannot recall if I already told you that but will show some more new Australia issues over coming days.

This MS has the 60c stamp showing the numbering ceremony in 1913, and the $2.60 stamp ( our overseas postage rate for small letter) showing the Australian Coat of Arms as it appears on the first banknote, number M000001.

I will use this $2.60 stamp ( not the MS) on the first 10 orders from my Bidstart Store. more if I can get more

Enjoy..  Michael


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