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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hi,    been a few days since I wrote but not a few days without thinking about stamps. Received this image today.  Lovely issue and lovely MS I think. Hope it is clear to see. Will look out for a copy this coming week as am in Hong Kong. Anyone collect thematic of building / architecture let me know and maybe I can get you a copy if you in exchange for something?? or just payment?

Have been busy busy busy with sorting and listing on Bidstart. I know I keep telling you this but with 4100 plus lots listed you cannot fail to get some good material to fill the gaps in your collection. If you collect Fiji for example just type Fiji in the "Search Store For"  box and all Fiji I have listed so far is there for you to browse.  I have a good selection of countries now.. Try me eh!!!   Of course if you know the SG number just type the SG number and if I have the stamp listed it will display.

I also noted today that I have readers from 90 countries.  Welcome to all of you and thanks for reading my Blog. I will try to start a new theme over coming week. Something  that I hope will interest you all.  Keep reading.
And,  as I say, if you have a few gaps in your collection and just want to buy the odd stamp, not the full set, or so called kiloware  just have a look at my store.. enjoy window shopping if nothing else

Best wishes............   Michael


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