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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hello,  another Christmas stamp. This as you can see is from Monaco. And yes just the one in this Christmas issue. A sensible stamp issuing policy perhaps?  Now I know statistics can be used to prove or disprove anything, but did you the know the population of Monaco (approx 30,000) is close to that of Gibraltar (approx 29,000)  Somehow Monaco justified issuing just one Christmas stamp, compared to the 5 for Gibraltar  Sensible stamp issuing policy surely????  :-)

Anyway this lovely stamp is based on a painting( see below) by Giotto di Bondone, better known simply as Giotto. He was an Italian painter and architect from Florence and is generally considered the first in a line of artists who contributed to the Italian Renaissance. This painting, completed around the year 1305, is from Giotto's masterwork 'The Arena Chapel Frescoes', which decorate the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua  (Northern Italy)

There is so much more to stamp collecting I think.  Hope you enjoy your stamps.   Michael  

PS  there are still a few bargains left on eBay at user id michaelatcddstamps, starting bid is 99c.


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