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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hello everyone. Another nice image, again thanks to Christ Hilton. This, the Diamond Jubilee issue with Code P from the PSB. I am in the UK in a week and maybe will be able to find one or more. Also, FYI, I may not be writing much over coming two weeks as have a few evening functions and then next weekend I am travelling. But I do want to show you this Cover I will be carrying on the Malaysia Airlines A380 inaugural flight next Sunday. Kuala Lumpur to London. Advance orders to reserve a cover can be made to me at .... No obligation of course but since this is a limited edition of 24 covers I thought some of you might like to know. And, I cannot resist reminding you, these are genuiune flown covers, not some envelope (with a stamp from some country that has never seen an A380) run through a printer with overprints of A380 logos and with no proof whatsoever they have ever been flown an aeroplane let alone an A380. I will be posting pictures over the coming weeks. Best wishes .. Michael


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