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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hello, tonight a page from my album. some thing different but there is a reason for showing this. But first thanks for all your emails and comments to my recent blogs. Seems I have finally provoked people to write, and good points made by all. I always learn something from your feedback. As for this page - well I decided some time ago to start studying the Security Machins. Makes for interesting study in my humble view. Actually many variations even within what is supposedly the same stamp issue / printing. For more go to my web page at cddstamps and click GB Security Machins and also look at the Special Lots 3. However, the real reason I am showing this is because you will see the stamps are all on piece. That is, I have not tried to "soak" them from the envelope. These stamps have a non soluable gum I beleiev and the stamps of course are designed to be damaged with the eliptical slits breaking away if there is an attempt to remove the stamp from the envelope (as in to re-use it if it is not franked) I have read that it is possible to "soak", to remove from the envelope, but I do not recommend it. keep the stamp on peice and you will not damage it. Now if only I could learn how to scan the stamps to show the code. I have been told and I tried but I can never achieve it. Tell me again or suggest another way. If anyone can do it, please tell me. If you want any Codes of these stamps drop me a line, or better still visit the web site home page. Best wishes......... Michael


At 9:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found it is possible to scan these blue stamps and then bring out the codes by fiddling with the colors and contrast in Photoshop or another editing program. I decided it is easier to photograph the stamp instead. Position the stamp so that the light reflecting off the stamp highlights the overprint. It may not be a perfectly rectangular image of the stamp, but the code will be visible.



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