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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Happy New Year, Yes I know I am a bit late but it is the thought that counts. :-) Hope ou all had a good a time over the Christmas and New Year break as I did. Stamp News? well nothing too exciting. I am waiting for the new Roald Dahl issue from Royal mail, and the Year of the Dragon issue from Hong Kong Post. I will no doubt be lined up with every other Hong Kong resident next Saturday when the stamps are available for sale.

In the mean time I am busy producing the IPDA Anniversary cover - the cover is to commemorate the 10th Year of our Association. All members get one free. If you are not a member and you sell stamps on the internet then you should look at our web site IPDA and if you buy stamps online you should be asking is the seller a member of the IPDA, or some other accredited organisation.

anyway, not to start the tear on my soap box, but hey, buyer beware. :-)

Have a great philatelic year. Best wishes Michael CDDSTAMPS


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