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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hello, well the good news is the website is up again.. sad news, as far as I am concerned, is 5 bids on what was listed as a FFC (First Flight Cover) from Seoul to Hong Kong on the Korean Air A380 inaugural back in June. Hey maybe it is genuine, I really do not know I have to admit but having been on the flight and speaking to the crew I doubt it very much. These days one can create a cover so easily, and with classy looking cachets. That is why I always have proof of my covers being flown. At the end of the day, lets be realistic, buyer beware. Why people bid on material that has no description, no statement about authenticity, and when it is so obvious that similar listings are just total misrepresentations is beyond me.

Just me feeling grumpy tonight I guess and in a way, yes, feeling sad that not everyone in the aerophilatelic arena is going to be totally open and honest.

I will be looking at what stamps to show tomorrow. Lots of new issues which I guess you see from so many other blogs and postings to stamp boards on the various yahoo and other sites around.
Have a great weekend..... Michael


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