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Friday, April 08, 2011

Hi! I hope everyone had a good week and you all have a great weekend ahead of you. One way to make it a great weekend is to bid on one of my auction lots and get some really good quality stamps at a stupidly cheap price. Yeah sure you say! Well read my older posts to get a perspective, and, oh you don't normally buy from auction, and you don't have Paypal. Ok1 I understand that. If you are first time buyer then try Western Union to me. Just email me for details.

Just for the record I am not selling to make money, so to speak. If I sell everything I have listed on ebay and bidstart I will still not cover the postage costs for the free stamps I have mailed over the past two months. But hey!! I would like to cover some of those costs.

For eBay just search me at michaelatcddstamps, where my lots start at US $0.99 inclusive of postage and at Bidstart have a look at Bidstart - my username is michaelatcddstamps and my lots start at US $0.65 including postage. Have a look at my previous writings and you will see what I am compared to or just browse listings on Bidstart ofr price comparison.

Mostly GB and Australia listed. Please have a look. The prices are to help me clear some duplicate stock and cover the costs of my free mailings - excellent quality as you can always expect from me.

As I said..... have a great weekend and please make me busy next week mailing your winning lots to you.


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