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Friday, April 01, 2011

Hello, sorry been off line for so long but work is rather time consuming these days. I have some stamps given by a dealer friend - this is part scan of a full sheet. free to first email to

I am assuming if you reply then butterflies are an interest of yours. I cannot scan the whole sheet as it is too large for the scanner. and it is mint no gum and a bit grubby on the back, but hey if this interests you, it is yours. I even pay postage. one day someone will do something nice for me I hope :-) hahahahahha

have a great weekend.. write me if there is a topic you want me to research and write about. Sadly I don't have the time I would like for research and writing and feel writers block to often these days, so all ideas welcomed and will help motivate me.

Have a great weekend ............. Michael


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