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Friday, December 18, 2009

more on postmark quality

Hello, I was browsing an auction site earlier today and saw a few of the GVI high values I showed as my example a few days ago for postal franking quality. I thought I would show you a few stamps I saw. Let me first say I realise there are many people out there who are just trying to sell some stamps to make a few bucks and are really genuine. But then again there are others, again trying to make a few bucks because they found a collection or got left a collection of some sort - you only have to read their byline to know. In fact one seller I read made it clear their view on the quality of what they were listing was "uneducated" (their word not mine). They are probably a real estate agent in their day job, or a used car salesman.. oh that is cruel of me :-) Anyway, not sure that gives me any confidence in buying from them; does it give you confidence? I would suggest not. Another seller has the name like grandmastamps.. it was not actually that, but again that does not give me confidence. I am too unkind maybe? especially when you see some of these sellers have hundreds if not thousands of sales to their name. The good news is 90% of what I saw listed was pretty good looking material and reasonably described. Have a look at these...

You would have to be an idiot to buy this first copy. sorry, but it is garbage.

This next copy is quite clean and while the postmark is not detracting from the stamp it does look a bit grubby, that is dirty.

Not unexpected for this stamp I might add as it was largely used on parcels back then and did tend to get dirty in transit. But ok to have although note the centering is not that good. Now I wrote on centering some months ago. And I mention this because it is a good example where you have to look at more than one quality attribute.

And finally another bad copy.
Why would you buy this from an auction I do not know. Perhaps because you are not aware you can get these free from me or in my GB Specials or in great condition from some really reputable GB dealers websites for the same price as I saw it listed at auction.

I hope this has been of interest and educational to you. I welcome all feedback, critical is even more welcome as I learn as well.

Best wishes ... Michael


At 8:43 AM, Blogger Machin Man said...

I used to own lots of stamps from this era with poor perfs heavy postmarks etc. Most were given away FREE or sold at one tenth of catalogue as space fillers.

I agree with Michael, only buy quality (from reputable dealers), if buying from the internet preferably buy from a dealer who is a registered member of the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association..........You will not go wrong.


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