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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Horses ...on stamps and for real

Hello, yes been away and apology for taking so long to write again. I got back to Sydney from the US on Monday but just couldn't think what to write about for this blog. But today my neighbours mare had her foal and I thought, yes, horses on stamps.

Apart from stamps and aviation, as you may know I have a passing interest in horses!! Hope you like the picture. The foal - a colt - is 3 hours old in this picture. Stunningly beautiful. As for stamps well I thought I'd show the Horses of Australia stamps.

I think I showed these some years back but they are nice to see again. Maybe you like these. They are in a presentation pack and will be a Christmas present from me to you if you are the 4th email to with the answer to this question and you include your mailing address. What is the name given to the wild horses of Australia?

Oh.. and I do have a Christmas Competition... but you will have to read it on my aviation blog.. cddstamps on aviation

Best wishes... Michael


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