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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fine, average, poor

Hello, today has been exciting for many of us / you because the Boeing 787 Dreamliner made its maiden flight. I was up at 4:30 so I could watch it live on the internet. Yes maybe I should get a life but hey it was worth it. Later I saw the landing. Very nicely done, so congratulations to all at Boeing for finally getting a remarkable plane (more than 50% composite materials by weight)in the air :-)

My aviation and aerophilately blog has some pictures and a video and more will follow tomorrow but for this blog I was very pleased to read one comment about how useful my comments and writing are. So I am inspired to write :-)

I thought it would be useful to show examples of Fine, Average and Poor postmarks.

After all, catalogue prices are for Fine used, so if you are collecting or helping new collectors do let them know the importance of the quality of the postmark. The scan above shows three copies of the GB GVI High Value Green issued in March 1942. It is a very common stamp and the SG catalogue value is £1.50. That is fine used. However lets take this a step further. Let say you needed this for your collection - it was an additional 2/- 6d issue, the 1939 issue - the first issue of 2/- 6d value was brown in colour. Anyway, the catalogue price is as I say £1.50 but if you have a look at any decent GB dealers website you will see it listed for sale as Very Fine Used at 46p or thereabouts. So moral of story; if you need something and you want to buy, make sure what you are buying has a very very very nice postmark. I'm leading up to saying there have been and probably still are many examples of this or whatever stamp you select for that matter that is for sale - on various auction sites - and the postmark is pretty average to aweful yet the listed price is the uneducated sellers view based perhaps on the catalogue. Use a reputable seller, or dealer web site. You will be very upset in times to come to find your purchase is not worth diddly squat!!!! Or, I cannot help myself, I have to add this, buy from my web site GB specials, or if a child or collecting for a child (eg your son or daughter) get them to write to my Children's corner - this could be theirs for free.

And, if there are any topics you want to hear me write about, please add a comment.

Best wishes... Michael


At 1:17 AM, Anonymous keijo said...

Great writing... In Finnish perspective, the "Fine" and "Average" copies illustrated would switch places as in Scandinavia the "readability and position" of a cancel is more important than the "lightness" of cancel... But I guess each country/continent has their own preferences.


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