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Sunday, June 14, 2009

GB GV Downey Heads

Hello, I just spent a few very relaxing hours this afternoon / evening sorting a few hundred GB GV Downey Heads. I received one from a stamp friend the other day. She does not collect these or know much about them and knew these were an interest of mine. ( Thanks .. you know who you are I expect :-) That motivated me to study some I had in envelopes, along with the one she sent - which was a nice copy but not anything that will make either of us rich :-)

I've really only just started. Sorting by watermark and die and a few of the more obvious colour shades. I still have the more detailed study to do, of shades and plate flaws. One never knows what one will find. So far I have found some very nice stamps including a few inverted watermarks and one inverted and reversed watermark.

But to the stamps. I wrote a piece about the Fiji GVI recently and pointed out how important it was to check perforations. Well with the GB GV Downeys the watermark, and what are termed "Dies", are important. All the stamps might look alike but they may well not be.

How many different stamps are there in this scan :-) I'll explain over the coming week.

Hope you enjoy this series and if you have any Downey Heads do have a careful look at them. You never know what you will find. I will help you know what to look for and talk about these stamps over the coming week.

Best wishes ............ Michael


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