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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

will get to IYA soon.. I promise

I am missing showing next IYA set only because I saw these today and just had to tell you about them :-)

It is my mischievous nature I guess..

After all Gibralter does actually have some history...yes it does... for example the first siege of Gibralter took place 700 years ago in 1309 when King Ferdinand IV of Castile was sent to capture the town, and according to records, he did. Reading the history of Gibralter could be thought to be quite boring (unless you are interested in sieges :-) because by 1779 there had been 14 sieges of Gibralter. And as we all know the rest is history. The French and Spanish forces lost to the British. Of course it was not as quick as that. Apparently the attacks went on for a few years until February 1783 . Long siege you may be thinking. Lots of stamps I would think could be issued. Australia has done something similar.. trends setters eh!!!.. oops I digress...... but what amuses me more than anything is the fact the when the siege was over the treaty that was signed was the Treaty of ....................xxxxxx ... shucks.. I have fogotten.. or have I.. :-)

ironic really, the name of the treaty..... not Westminster, or London, or Dover, or Bath, etc etc

What was it..... 100 GB Machins to the 3rd correct answer. :-)

Enjoy your stamps.. oh, did I forget about the stamps I showed and that started this rambling.. seems i did... :-)

Michael... and for aviation and aerophilately... and a far more serious discussion on stamps see


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