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Thursday, April 30, 2009

the fun has gone........

I soaked some stamps today.. how much pleasure do I get from doing that? Lots if I am honest. Relaxing and enjoyable. Peaceful and with a result that pleases me. What more could I ask for :-) but there were all these stamps I cannot soak anymore. Yes I have read about various ways of removing the non water soluable gums and yes have tried them with some success. But it is not the same is it :-)

See the stamps in the scan that have been "removed" from the envelope? not quite right.

Oh well ...... is that progress. I found about 10% of the stamps from GB that I soaked - and which could still be soaked off the envelope - with no franking. Post Offices should have fixed that problem me thinks, although I read non soluble gums are cheaper. Your view? email me at best answer will win 100 Machins ...all with postal frankings of course.

Enjoy your stamps......... Michael


At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Keijo said...

I couldn't agree more that the "eternally sticky" self-adhesives are a true pain for kitchensink philately.

I hated stamps like that in the 1990's (especially the French unperf. Mariannes), I hated them in early 2000 (Italian express stamps), I hate them now... And the only reasonable solution I have come up with is to save these stamps as cut pieces. It doesn't look too good in a stockbook, but it's better than a totally torn/damaged stamps.

But what I hate is the guessing game (especially with worldwide stamps)... What stamps can be soaked safely, and what not...

just my 2cents...


At 7:46 PM, Blogger cddstamps said...

Keijo, good point,.. the guessing game.. fortunately I dont collect much other than GB now so I am mostly spared.. there were some US in the box I had accumulated and I soon found out they would not soak I just threw them out.. no time for them now :-)

I personally am not really collecting new issues at all now. sad really

Thanks for writing.. best wishes..Michael

At 7:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi mate
The soaking problem is one of the reasons I no longer save current GB stamps, along with a number of other countries.

Larry aka lasaboy


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