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Sunday, December 07, 2008

the thing about writing a blog is you don't know if people who only read every few days actually read past the most recent article. Do you? Well if you don't you will have missed my Christmas competition. So scroll down and read a few past writings. Please :-)

Stamps.. well I soaked a 1000 machins today. It snowed this morning and I thought ..stay indoors is a good idea.. and after reading emails and having too big a brunch, my cooking is just so good... I just looked at this bag of machins and got to work. So I am doing a one off special only to readers of this blog.

here is a randon selection just dropped onto the scanner.

Am saying this nowhere else I promise. send me $5 US in unmarked bills :-) and I'll send you minimum of 300 machins. Yes lots of duplicates but all unchecked by me except to say I have taken out horrible dirty frankings and as best I can tell any creased or short perfs. Could be a good winters night (nights even) sorting and studying machins. If you are in the UK you might find the "unused no gum" pays for the lot. Email me at and tell me you are sending me cash $5 US. I'll give you my mailing address if you don't have it and I'll mail in a day or two... in time for Christmas. Will be limited as I only have about 3000 to send. :-) Cash only offer please.

Same deal ... $5 US ...If you'd prefer 150 GB commemoratives.. say GB Commemoratives and I'll mail you 150 of them.. maybe a few duplicates but I'll keep to a minimum as best I can. And again with all damaged etc removed and with minimal Christmas issues.

Best wishes... enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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