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Friday, October 10, 2008

Royal Mint Commission

Hello, something I didn't know, and maybe news to you. The scan is aweful I know but best I could do. The Royal Mint it seems has privately commissioned two stamp sheets. These to coincide with the 14 October issue of the Royal Mail's latest issue - Women of Distinction.

As an aside here.. how you chose 6 women of distiction is beyond me, (I know quite a few ha ha ha ha) but the clever Royal Mail have done it and selected by topic shall I say, leaving themselves wide open for 6 more, and then ten more. Oh cynic that I am :-)

Anyway lets stay serious for a moment shall we. This sheet is rather nice, in my humble view. Yes it is appealing to take your money and of course you will never break it to use the stamps [the UK England 1st class Country definitive - but hey who uses these anyway :-) ] sorry, I said I'd stay serious... anyway a nice sheet. But here is my question; How do you learn that it exists?

I cannot find it on the Royal Mail Web site, nor the Royal Mint website ( hey try it.. looks good to start with ...but very limited stamp selection (6 I recall) ..ok so it is a coin site.. I agree.... where was I, oh yes, how do you find out about these sheets? If you receive the Royal Mail mailing promos I guess you do.. if you read them that is, which I often don't....or you read my blog :-)

Oh well.. Enjoy and if you are interested, there is another sheet with all the Kings and Queens of England since 1066 plus a few Country definitives. I just may get try to get a set and have it framed. Softy for English history that I am :-)
Enjoy your stamps................. Michael


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