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Saturday, October 04, 2008


Hello,, just been reading one of my favourite Stamp club boards.. StampsofGreatBritain

If you collect GB you will know it.. and even if you don't I still think you will enjoy the Board.. so many stamp boards are just boring and losing members, it amazes me, but this club Board is as strong, or stronger then ever. Something to do with the guy that runs it ( well done John) and a few others and the theme of GB stamps I guess.. but have a look for yourself.

I saw these stamps, to be issued in early 2009.

I do like these.. but as has already been commented on - I say that so you don't think my thoughts are original - although I would have said the same had I not already read this..... how many of these will get onto letters and through the post intact... that is without the missing "jigsaw" perf?

The price of fine used with be through the roof in a few years. Anyway, some issuing details for you. A set of 6 stamps, a Miniature Sheet and a Prestige book will be issued. Cost.. it wont be cheap if you add all that up.

The stamps feature Darwin and different aspects of his studies: 1st class, portrait of Darwin (from Natural history Museum); 48p, Marine Iguana (zoology ); 50p, Finches (ornithology ); 56p, Atoll (geology ); 72p, Bee Orchid (botany ); and 81p, Orang-utan (anthropology ).

These stamps are self-adhesive and as you can see are in an unusual format. They are perforated to resemble pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The stamps are printed by De La Rue in gravure.

Enjoy your stamps..if you can afford new issues :-) Best wishes.. Michael


At 3:09 AM, Blogger Adrian said...

Michael, can I just slightly refrase and update that question of yours?
"How many of these will get onto letters and through the post...?"
Seems slightly more relevant that way, even though there's just the one word deleted!

At 9:09 AM, Blogger Myron dela Paz said...

I agree; these stamps do have a neat and unique design concept, but practicality was obviously not on the battle plan when these were designed. But, then again, in connection with what adrian was saying, maybe these were never meant to make it onto a cover and through the post, considering the high prices for postage these days. Here where I'm from, virtually no one uses commems to send letters. In fact, almost no one sends letters at all!

At 12:29 AM, Blogger Ice Queen said...

is there a philosophical connection between the jigsaw puzzle reference and the subject matter of the stamps? Darwin solving the puzzle of evolution perhaps? or is it pure co-incidence?


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