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Sunday, September 14, 2008

I suppose it doesn’t surprise you to see the following.

Thanks for emails and comment.
Yes there are a number of differences and I thought I’d show them, plus the original stamps, plus two more I found today.

First the differences. There are many but I have annotated the most noticeable I think. The missing dot stands out to me more than any.
The reason. Well they are quite different stamps in that they are different shades and would, as I understand, have been printed from different plates.

Maybe the scan is not the best to show the colour but you can see the depth of colour in one is stronger then the other.
If I had the SG Specialised and my colour palette I could probably identify.
Finally two more. Interesting again as this issue of the GB GV 1924-26 Block Cypher definitives had many different shades and printings as I said yesterday.

Here are two copies of the 1d scarlet. Well one is another shade but I’ll call it scarlet until I can properly identify the shade. Notice here the difference in the tails on the letters. Quite pronounced.
Hope you have enjoyed these past few days writings and pictures.
The moral of this is to show that with these GB GV issues, don’t just assume you have a boring old not worth anything stamp until you have studied it.
You will be best off with a very good catalogue like SG Specialised of course. But even without you can still enjoy the study I hope. Oh and these were from my 99c auction offerings that did not sell.

I’m travelling again for the next few days. Will be writing at the end of the week. Enjoy your stamps, Michael


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