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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hello, some nice stamps tonight which I was told about while chatting with a stamp collector friend who is in India. A new issue by India Post - an India China joint issue.

One stamps shows the White Horse Temple, the other the Maha Bodhi Temple. Now you are saying so what. Well you should be saying how ignorant am I, and how lucky that you have stamps to help you grow your knowledge. Well that is me thinking out loud ok. :-)

Quickly then for all you heathens aout there. The White Horse Temple was the first Buddist temple in China. Fascinating story. Do read about it.

The Maha Bodhi Temple, another Buddist temple, this is the site where Siddhartha Gautama, the Budda attained enlightenment.

Now has that been a great awakening for you.. if you have enjoyed this and are able to tell me what the great awakening is all about, then 5o free world mixed to first email with your postal address to

Finally, have you received stamps from me recently. I mailed many many envelopes over past 4 weeks. Sadly only a couple of people wrote to say they received stamps.. some I even sent to wrong people, envelope packing mix up.. oooops..... and one person who has still not received what I sent.. which is a shame to both he and me as it was an expensive limited edition A380 cover.

Please let me know.. I really don't know what the Korean Post is like and I am just assuming it is ok world class etc ...... but who knows ...... not me, until I hear from you.

Best wishes.. Enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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