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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Royalty and Heritage...........

Hello, Royalty and Heritage is the title given to the new Great Britain Royal mail issue for February 28th.
Now you could say I am biased given my interest in British history, but I really do think these are attractive stamps. Collectable for sure in my view and certainly they will be in my collection.

Of course, me thinks rather sceptically I will admit, Royal Mail know when they have hit a popular theme, because as they say in their latest publicity mailing .. "Over the next few years Royal Mail will be issuing a series of six special issues to celebrate the Monarchy through the ages"
ok so they have my attention I look forward to seeing this first issue.. and as for the next 30 stamps........ well how many kings and queens were there?????????

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Enjoy your stamps.. best wishes, Michael


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