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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Free Antarctic Flight Cover..........

Happy New Year everyone... as you may know, if you have been reading the blog, I had some covers flown to the Antarctic and signed by the pilots and some signed by the cabin crew.
Read the posts from a few days ago for details. This was the only Qantas flight last year (2007) I might add.. so it is pretty special.

I will give two covers as prizes to the first two to email me at with the answer.. to, "where was the picture taken.."? now, am I making it easy or what.. and .. if this doesn't thrill you.. the back of the cover is signed by one of the Captains on the flight.

And if you miss out on the prize.. I am selling these for only USD $7.50.. postage and packing etc included and I have a few left. see my web site and read the link to Antarctic Covers for more details...

Lets have a wondeful 2008 with out stamps... Best wishes... Michael


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