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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hello everyone...........

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.. no snow here but it was not as hot as I remember past Christmas's being.. all the better if you ask me.. easier to work with stamps and less heat stroke cutting the paddocks

I have to say I have had some time to work on stamps.. and in particular preparing some GB lots for sales.. special offers to you and readers of my web site. easier than eBay given these are bulk lots .. and while I may get more selling on eBay I offset the added costs to get a deal for you and a deal for me.

Same goes for my flight covers.. and do I have a special for you this time.. have a look at this is my Antarctic flight cover. If you collect Antartica or Pengins on stamps or WWF on stamps or even aircraft on stamps you might enjoy viewing these covers.

Covers to be flown on the one (this year) Qantas sightseeing flight on 31 December to Antarctica.

Will try to write more in coming days.. Best wishes... enjoy your stamps... Michael
PS limited number of covers .. only 4 of these I might add.. so have a look and reserve your order now.


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