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Monday, December 17, 2007

Hello everyone... some of you will recall that I lived in Toronto for close to 15 years but was lucky enough to come to Sydney for 2 years........ 17 years ago ... hey it does not snow here... but to stamps.. ''
I am told there is a lot of snow in Toronto right now and this young guy was walking down Yonge Street.. I find that hard to believe,.. surely he would have been on Bloor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... far more trendy so for all of you non Torontonians they are they two main streets..
Send me your Christmas stamps. the above from Jane in Toronto, because, as she says to me, it is snowing there..big time.

And please don't forget my eBay auction for the crew signed A380 first flight cover.... go on please read previous text and bid generously.. not for me but for the children

Enjoy your stamps... best wishes .. Michael


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