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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the green issue

Hello, a popular topic this one.. green things... and no I wont pontificate on the topic.... there are others that do that better than me I am sure...... I just want to show the stamps that were issued in 1992 by the Royal Mail.
The stamps were designed based on ideas submitted by children in response to a competition organised by a television program and the Royal Mail.

I think the result was actually quite good.. a nice blend of green colours and green themes.

Do you remember this issue... seems like yesterday but it was 15 years ago......more importantly.. do you remember or know the name of the television program?

win this cover????.. email me at send me your mailing address with the answer.... 3rd correct answer wins.. if no 3rd correct answer by tomorrow night I will be selling this for US $4.0 inclusive of postage and packing to anywhere in the world. I'll let you know tomorrow..

Enjoy your stamps.. best wishes..... Michael


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