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Friday, November 23, 2007

from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II

Hello everyone.. back again.. was out at dinner last night and then to see the film Elizabeth - the Golden Years .. out of ten.. say a 6... ok a 5.. ok ok ok, a 4 of Sir Francis Drake's relatives obviously did something to piss off the producer / director because he (Sir Francis Drake) never got a mention.. strange... apart from the fact the screen writers have probably never read any history of the period and so got more facts wrong than I do in an average year of writing about stamps .. it was an ok film..

I slept well during the part where Cate whats her name ponces around on some white horse which would not stand still because some idiot was probably poking it with a stick, she trying to give some Joan of Arc type rendition to the troops.. who were probably drunk anyway...... being scared s less given how big the Spanish Armada supposedly was.. not that, in actual fact, there were that many troops hanging round the white cliffs of Dover at the time.. since all the action was down Plymouth way.. and I dare anyone to tell me it was off Gravelines.. cos I knew that ... and anyway.. final point.. for those of you who do go to see the film.. some fun but please don't believe that much of it is close to the reality of the time... for example Mary Queen of Scots was probably not that young or able.. know what I mean.. and the beheading of her was probably not the real reason Philip of Spain decided to have a go at jolly old England,... it is more likely that he was getting a bit fed up with that guy Drake ripping apart his shipping and plundering all that gold that the spaniards themselves had plundered.... and well, there was just so much that was inaccurate........ enjoy as a fantasy based on events that happened somewhere sometime

but to stamps.. and Elizabeth II ...and you wondered when I would get to her.. me there revelling in the drama of Elizabeth I...

so my challenge to you.. has anyone seen a copy of these stamps..even one of them .. actually used???? I will find a prize for every person that sends a scan of any of these (used) stamps to me.. by lets say end of day 25th November
email me at and include your mailing address

You know where I am going with this.. How do I get GB Commemoratives used??? save buying them and posting to myself and risking damage by the Post Office...

I wonder if my GB fan club will treat me to a used set of these 4 stunning stamps peal them off the mini sheet and send on a couple of letters.. not too close to the edge of course... I may send a Christmas present in response.

Have a great weekend.. enjoy your stamps.. keep warm if you are in the UK, or the northern US.. I will be sunning myself.. Michael


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