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Thursday, October 25, 2007

only from cddstamps........

Hello everyone,. I am back in Sydney for a few hours.. I leave for the airport soon (to fly back to Singapore on the return A380 flight) .. so just a quick hello.. and I wanted to show you this cover... issued by Singapore Post.. so yes quite readily available and I bet they will be on eBay before long. But not these. Look carefully........... Read on for details

Yes this was flown on the A380 from Singapore to Sydney. Yes they have my own designed hand frank (front left lower corner) and yes they were back stamped on arrival in Sydney yesterday by me. I have 20. No more. A few will stay in my collection. Write me for details. I can also sign them if you wish.

I see lots of email in Sorry not replied all orders will be handled in date timestamp order. and there are still a few of my cddstamps first flight covers still available.. so don't hesitate writing. I will get round to my email early next week..

more Competitions.... last article I asked, what was my seat number on the QF flight to Singapore to win a Singapore Post FDC - the one above with no special frankings.

Now two more competitions..
1) What was my SIN-SYD seat number, to win a Singapore Post A380 Mystamps Miniature Sheet, and
2) what was my seat number SYD-SIN.. winner will also get a Singapore Post A380 Mystamps Miniature sheet. No one can win more than once.. although the chances of that happen are pretty remote anyway I would think. All entries by email to MUST have their mailing address included, please

Enjoy your stamps.. will write when get back on Sunday wishes.. Michael


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