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Sunday, October 14, 2007

8 days to go ..................

until I leave for Singapore. So I thought I would start to promote my A380 flight covers. Here is the one I have designed for the Singapore - Sydney flight. The world's first commercial flight of the A380.

I have made 20 copies so far. I may make a few more. No more than 30 in total though and a few will stay in my collection. So numbers will be very limited. They will be post marked in Singapore with the Changi airport postmark ( I hope .. I very much hope.. they will have a special commemorative handstamp as well, be signed by me and with my mark on the back, along with the Australia Post Sydney airport postmark on arrival in Sydney... I hope.. well that is my plan. I hope nothing goes wrong.

I am taking advance reserve orders.. on a first in first served basis. No payment until I confirm I have achieved all I set out to achieve. If you want details please email me at
I have two other first flight covers. Details are in the mailing I send out. Oh, and there will be a certificate of authentication as well and if you are a blog reader I am going to try to put something special into the envelope / cover ....... a surprise I have in mind.. and a unique souvenier in my view.

So what are you waiting for .. just find some cash,.. put it away and reserve a rather special and very limited edition first flight cover . More news over the next week.

Oh, and if anyone in Singapore wants to catch up for a coffee.. I'd be pleased to try to meet up with fellow collectors on the 24th or when I am back there on 27th.
Enjoy your stamps... best wishes.. Michael


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