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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fiji, old and new stamps

Hello, well I got back from two days in Fiji.. all work and no play although I did make time between meetings to get to the Post Office in Suva and pick up this lovely cover. Hope you like it.

If you like it that much how about a question... and the winner will get the cover.. ok.. so here is another stamp from Fiji.. ( courtesy of Charlie in Florida.. great scan and thanks for the idea) the

question.. what is it about this stamp that causes it to be catalogued as something special ... I am being a bit vague as I dont want to make it too easy...although I think it is easy enough..
I will take the second correct email to if you also include your mailing address.. If I get the responses within 24 hours from now ( it is Tuesday evening here in Sydney) I will post before I fly to LA on Thursday morning..

And while I am now talking USA .. I am looking for recommendations for jazz clubs / music bars in New York.. preferrable downtown Manhatten area.. will be there in two weeks.. same email if you have any thoughts....

I will try to check emails.. but I am not confident I will have time to write over the coming weeks.. so please come back after 20th August .. I am hoping to pick up some new US stamps while there.. maybe a few giveaways for my non US readers

Best wishes and enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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