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Saturday, May 05, 2007

postcard from Bangalore

wonderful place.. really quite amazing.. and I found the GPO (Post Office) in the city centre I guess it was.. my driver knew where to go... and I will show pictures when I get back to Sydney.. so please keep reading.. or at least in ten days times.

I bought some lovely stamps.. some smelling of roses, and some smelling of sandlewood.. you may have heard of these.. I am thinking of competition questions so I can give these away... I know.,,, you send me a question I can use in my competitions and the one I select will win the roses stamps.. or if you prefer the sandlewood stamps just say so in your email.. .. email me at

I bought some quite lovely miniature sheets and will show these when I return to Sydney and can scan them .. all for giveaways.. these will be stamps I doubt you have seen before.. and I think will make a nice addition to any collection. I also bought some covers and will be mailing these to a few winners of past competitions... yes I know I am behind in my mailings so this is my small way of catching up.

Am off to Chennai tomorrow; I have two full days of meetings but will try to get to a post office or stamp dealer.. and see what I can pick up from there.

Enjoy your stamps.. best wishes... Michael


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