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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Concorde has how many fuel tanks..........

I had to write that title because on the back of the FDC I showed the other evening it said that Concorde had 33 fuel tanks.. wow I thought.. That is amazing.. I didn't know that. I didn't know the exact number I have to be honest.. I thought it was 8 or 10 maybe from a guess.. but as all you clever people out there know, it is 13. What an unlucky number. But you also know they were not number 1 to 13 don't you

Anyway. thanks for all your emails.. and Eric gets a runner up cover for being first entry and Jane gets a first prize cover for being second entry.

Am going to have to apologise for not replying to all your emails. Am so stuffed to be honest. Work and you know!! No complaints.. just so little time. I would really like another guest writer piece.. something to bring life back to the blog hee hee I mean the blog.. not me..

Hope you have time to enjoy your stamps.. . best wishes.. Michael


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