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Friday, February 23, 2007

grade a stamp.........

Hello, well another week just shot by. No time for stamps and I still have unfilled free packets to send.. apology if you are one of those waiting for stamps.

and, bigger apology of you are waiting for a prize.. I still have not mailed them.. shucks I am getting behind.. but I love my day job that is my only excuse. That and I have to go to business dinners and drinks after work ... well someone has to do it... I do hope you will be patient with me.

To stamps and a new competition.. "Grade a Stamp". What about this..
taken from the auction listing as is... yes I know someone is going to tell me off sooner or late.. but I am doing this in your best interests.. how would you grade this if you were selling it.. or if you were buying it and saw it without reading the grading .. how would you think of it....... I am really interested to hear your views. please write to

I will tell more over the coming days.. you might be surprised.. so I hope you keep reading. oh yes.. it is Scott 174 and SG 401.. hope that helps
Have a great stamp weekend... Michael


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