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Monday, February 26, 2007

Grade a stamp..... Part III

Hello.. are you waiting for more on the "Grade a stamp" competition.. not many emails on this.. that surprises me.. so am waiting a few more days.. you are all probably busy, studying it and trying to find the auction site it is on.. you will be learning just from that I hope. Hey!! have you read Roy's blog, well you have to now I mention it... don't you

I had a new Australia Flowers cover to show you tonight - I had to go to the Post Office today as I ran out of stamps to mail all my packings from the weekend.. and I saw the new Flowers issue.. will show that tomorrow.. but tonight something even better.. how about this stamp

How stunning is this.. they don't design stamps like this anymore do they.. mostly now all junk and wallpaper as I (and others) call them.

Many thanks to Jane from Canada, She has sent the following.. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Fisherman's Catch of the Day
Occasionally, a collector will find a miniature masterpiece that beautifully illustrates the intended story. I believe that this Canadian stamp issued in 1951 is one of these tiny gems.

It is an engraved stamp in an eye-catching shade of ultramarine blue.

The vibrant colour draws the eye through the frame towards the central image. The viewer is encouraged to imagine that they have rowed out to sea in a small boat.

Nearby, is a solitary fisherman in his dory. He is wearing the traditional waterproof sou'wester and hat to keep warm and dry. The sea is so rough that an oncoming wave threatens to swamp the tiny vessel. Despite the less than ideal conditions, he has begun the long , slow process of hauling in the net. Gradually, the net spreads out around the tiny vessel and day's catch is revealed.

In the net are sixteen different types of marine life. (The viewer assumes that the fisherman will release the seal caught in the net.) Cod, halibut , mackeral, and herring are easily identified. There are also lobster, scallops, shrimp , clams and even a few freshwater fish in the net. The fisherman has been unbelievably lucky or has he?

Suddenly, the viewer realises that this is actually an allegory. The carefully crafted scene recognizes the role of fishermen in the country's economy and illustrates the abundance and diversity of Canada's fisheries. What an imaginative way to showcase Canadian fishing in the 1950s.

Thank again Jane.. and if anyone wants to send me a stamp (scan) and a text to accompany it I will happily share it with all my readers.

So much more to write about, including the Flowers stamps, The Australian Kangaroo sale in New York and of course the George V seahorse in Grade a Stamps.. ( see previous articles fron a few days ago)

More tomorrow.. Enjoy your stamps... Michael


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