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Sunday, January 14, 2007

where is this...........

Hello, first many thanks for all who wrote and correctly said that Jack Nicholson was not born in the year of the Pig.. 4th entry was Lea from Washington State in the US .. I feel for the first three of you..and those after 4th entry of course ...... but thanks for writing to me.. and yes Peter raffles is a wonderful place.. even still has the Somerset Maughan spirit in many ways.

What about this picture.. I was sorting some stamps today and came across this card someone sent me.. it is a beautiful building don't you think.. where is it.. ??? email me at, including your mailing address and 8th correct entry will get a prize of some sort.. sorry haven't decided what yet.. hey, new idea.. you tell me what you would like as a prize.. stamp selection or FDC..?? ..

Also.. have a look at I often show covers .. here are some used ones.. very different and interesting you may agree.

Hope you like this site. .... enjoy your stamps.. best wishes.. Michael


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