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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

remember I am Canadian....

when I need to be... yes in the case of tonights stamps I am Canadian.. I am actually surprised Australia Post only issued 2 stamps to commemorate Australia's Ashes win over England.. after all is was a white wash 5 - 0 win..

how embarassing for the English amongst you you may well remember two years back when England won the Ashes in England.. I showed the stamps issued by the Royal Mail.. these stamps I show tonight I have copied from the Australia Post web site as I didn't have time to buy any today.... I will get some copies tomorrow.. a mini sheet I understand has also been issued.. for those of you who collect cricket on stamps I'll try and have a competition tomorrow and show the MS. maybe even have it as a prize...

Anyway.. for a really serious stamp writing I hope you had time to read last nights piece.. and I do look forward to hearing from you and receiving your ideas and writings ..

Best wishes.. ... enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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