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Thursday, January 18, 2007

CTO stamps

Hello, tonight a few CTO (Cancelled to Order) stamps.

One sees a lot of these from some countries. I don't collect them yet I know many people do. These are rather nice I think, but then I have always had an interest in aviation as you may know.
Since these are not powered aviation, and CTOs, they are not within my collecting interest so I thought maybe someone out there would like them. No quiz, just write to me at and first in gets them. Do include your mailing address.. please.

On another aviation / travel theme.. I am planning to arrive in India on 11th February. Early warning to you all over there, ha ha Yeah, I know it is a big country but you never know who I could meet up with. Plans still being finalised but I expect to be in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.. I want to get to Pune as well but may not have the time.. will see .. if you want to talk stamps and I / you have some time, wow, how great to meet up.. you know my email...

As my plans firm up I will let you know, especially if you are interested in meeting .. I could even bring some GB and Australian stamps with me.

enough for tonight... enjoy your stamps.. Best wishes ... Michael


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