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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hello, well the Christmas Holiday is over... back to work and how wonderful to drive with so little traffic. thinking stamps all the way.. yeah sure!!! but I did think of this stamp that I saw in a magazine today.. all that snow.. and skis... memories although I never skied in a costume like that .... I like this .. something different and it reminded me of a Christmas Island design...............

I went to the Post Office today to see if I could get some of the Christmas Island Christmas issue to show you.... no luck.. all sold out.. if ever they had some.. So I have not seen this years issue. Have you??

As for mailing stamps.. I mailed 20 envelopes today.. including prize winners for the cddstamps Christmas Competition.. thanks to all who entered.. we had 11 countries represented.. and many more entries.. sorry you all could not get a prize.. although I did send a few extra runner up prizes.... and I did get some excellent stamps for my Childrens Corner box.. so thanks to you all.

I owe one person some stamps.. Igor in Russia.. I don't have his address and I have had a reject from his email.. anyone know him??? please email.. I feel bad not sending him a fair exchange for what he sent me...

I leave for London in three days so will have little time for the blog... I will try to write when there.. if anyone wants any GB stamps mailed to them just let me know before I leave and please make a donation to my paypal account to cover my costs.. always happy to help out.. and anyway I will be at a Post Office for my own collecting interests.

Enough for now... best wishes.. enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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