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Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas stamps.. again.. :-)

Hello everyone.. and again.. Merry Christmas.. wherever you are and whether you celebrate Christmas or not I hope you had a wonderful day.. I checked eBay today.. haven't been on in ages.. saw a few stamps that I might bid on.. been a while so why not end the year with a little present to myself.. you too, as long it is not the same stamp I am bidding on

As for Christmas stamps I wanted to show you these.

Rather nice don't you think.. I was going to write something about Christmas stamps... then I saw a posting from the Yahoo group - PhilatelicMadnessSyndrome ... - you know it I guess.. a great group and so informative.. (well done Jim) anyway, I thought yes, I should mention it in case you have not seen the article.. it refers to a Wikipedia link.. Christmas Stamps do have a look it is such a good read.. although I have also found from reading other blogs I am not the first to mention this.. all the same, if you haven't come across this in your readings it is well worth a read..

As for the Cocos( keeling) Island set above.. first correct answer to the following will win these.. In what year did Australia issue its first Christmas stamp email me and please include your mailing address..

Have a wonderful Christmas week... best wishes.. Michael


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