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Friday, November 10, 2006

this day in history........

I was thinking about stamps, as I occassionally do .. and wondered what stamps were issued today.. couldn't find any.. but I was surprised to find this
  • BBC news article

  • Hope you enjoy the link.. how things have changed in ... what is it, 56 years... I wonder if any stamps were ever issued to celebrate the author.. a FDC if you can tell me the author and if any stamps where ever issued to commemorate that person........ then I remembered that today was Richard Burton's birthday.. you remember him..... what a brilliant actor and such a wonderful voice. I have an album of him reciting Under Milk Wood. Were any stamps ever issued to remember him do tell me or maybe you can send a scan of the stamps so I can show everone else.. FDC to whoever replies to this part...

    email me at

    And don't forget the Christmas competition... it is fun just to read.. but there will be 12 prizes, so go for it... and even if you don't win, know that your letter / entry and the stamps on the envelope will go into my "Childrens Corner" box of stamps... ... look at and click on "Competition"

    Enjoy your stamps..... Have a good weekend... and if you have a famous birthday you know of with a link to stamps please let me know...............Michael


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