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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Quezonpex3... November 22nd

Hello everyone, just a short piece tonight.. to remind you that the Quezon Philatelic Club (Philippines) is in the final phase of their preparation for QUEZONPEX 3. This is the Virtual Stamp Exhibition hosted at

If you have not had a look yet, I do think it worth a few minutes, or more once you get started, to have a look at the exhibits that have been submitted. Open 24 hours a day so to speak.. and for longer than just a few days as is the case with normal (that is physical) Stamp Shows and Exhibitions, and hey, no entrance fee

I have written about some of the exhibits before but there are some new ones so have a look if you enjoy looking at stamps and want some ideas about how to prepare and present an exhibition display. enjoy your stamps.. Best wishes... Michael


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Click to zoom in on my visitor map!