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Thursday, October 05, 2006

where will you find a Wyon Head and Machin Head together

Hello, another relaxing day in the UK. And this excellent piece from Roy. Thanks Roy. Hope you enjoy it including the scan. This is the mini sheets I picked up a few days ago.

The Wyon head of Queen Victoria was used in conjunction with the Machin Head to produce the Double head Anniversary stamps. These were issued in sheets and booklets to commemmorate the 150th anniversary of the 1d black.

The first day cover shows the full set of stamps from post office counter sheets. A striking miniature sheet was issued to mark the anniversary and the international Stamp World 90 exhibition held at Earls Court, London. This shows a 20p anniversary stamp and a reprint of the penny black.

It should also be noted that several issues exist from bar code retail booklets with one or more sides imperforate. All of these stamps are collectable and fetch good prices. There are many combinations available that were released by several different printers, Walsall, Harrison and Questa. These variations are also found on several different types of papers. A mini collection in its own right.

In January 2000 further panes of double headed stamps were issued, obtainable from a prestige booklet to mark the work of Jeffrey Mathews (the designer). This pane had security ellipses for the first time and contained 1st class Non Value Indicated stamp (NVI)double headed stamp.

Stamp Details of the M/S are:
SGMS1501 "Stamp World 90" International Stamp ExhibitionNone (phosphorised paper)Issued: 3rd May 1990Design: Sedley Place Design Ltd., Engraving: C. MatthewsPrinted in recess and photogravure by Harrison & Sons Ltd. High Wycombe.PVA gumPerforations 15x14 - Stamp size 21mm x 24?mm (miniature sheet 122mm x 89mm

Next piece will be after my visit into London and Stanley Gibbons and other stamp shops tomorrow.

Hope you are enjoying your stamps. Best wishes.. Michael


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