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Friday, October 06, 2006

final days in the UK .. for a while

Hello everybody, Well am getting ready to go to the airport, but a few closing thoughts from the UK before I leave.

What a wonderful day yesterday walking around Fleet Street, the Strand and the Embankment. Did think of having afternoon tea at the Savoy but it was £31.50 and I thought that a bit too much. Well also I had spent a few bob in Stanley Gibbons and a few other stamp places. Even the rain didn't cause me any problems.

My best buy for the day was a UV test lamp with both short wave and long wave bulbs. So I should be kept busy when I get home. studying my GB Machin definitives for phosphor bands varieties etc.

And yes I did find the Templar Church, photos to follow in due course.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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