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Sunday, October 08, 2006

British Composers 1985 FDC.....

Hello, well I am back in Sydney... quite a comfortable flight back through Singapore and now well rested... back to stamps then

While in London I made my visit to Stanley Gibbons and a few other stamp stores as I may already have mentioned.

Here is a cover I saw in a reduced for sale box.

I picked it up because I remember showing part of one of these stamps some weeks back and asked if anyone knew the set and details. Well some people got it correct. As you can see this is the British Composers issue from 1985 and the stamp I used was the Twenty Two pence one showing the Planets as in the Gustav Holst work. I think I used this because it was his birthday at the time.

This is the prize for whoever can tell me what nationality Holst was. surely a trick question I look forward to your emails on this one. email me at

I have lots more to write about and lots to show from my UK trip. will do so over the next week... back to my stamps.. Best wishes.. Enjoy your stamps......... Michael


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