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Saturday, September 16, 2006

scanner back online.... and some on

Hello everyone.. how good to be back with a scanner and some stamps pictures.

If you have been bored by scanner stories please bare with me and my final update. The power plug at the back of the scanner came lose, but, wait for it, I could not get it back into the connection because the internal bits had moved; of course I finally did with technical help (sure) from my son.

Stamps. Well two items: first this cover.

I came across it while sorting some more GB covers and as my daughter has just finished her Duke of Edinburgh gold I thought I would offer this as a giveaway to whoever can tell me the year the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme was started. Just email me at and please include your mailing address. 4th correct answer wins.

This cover has a SG cat of £2.75 in my 2005 catalogue so a useful addition I am sure.

Talking catalogues, I am off to the UK in two weeks and hope to pick up some new catalogues from my visit to Stanley Gibbons in London. If anyone wants me to pick up some GB commemoratives for them please let me know – or if you want me to mail some commemoratives to you from London please say so. I would appreciate you covering my costs (just the stamps not my airfare J )

Now how about this stamp: GB SG 512, from the recess printed “Festival” high values issue of May 1951 –

This is cat £18 as fine used in my 2005 catalogue. Would you like this for your collection? It is a lovely copy, excellent perfs. It has been donated by Machins made Easy as a prize in a draw that will be held by the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association - the IPDA.

To enter the draw you have to say hello to one of the Directors during our 24 hour marathon chat. I have mentioned this chat before – if you have not read my earlier posts have a look at and please join us for a chat about stamps. All you have to do is click the chat button, enter a name and you are in. I will be chatting from London now, I think (I have not finalised my travel dates) but will be on line for Australia time as well as other times. I will put together a world time zone so you can see what the time it is at your place.

So turn up for our marathon chat and have some fun talking to us. If you sell stamps and want to know more about the Association we would be pleased to tell you more. If you are a collector just join us and ask for our advice, or tell us about your experiences with sellers. Anything to do with stamps – I am sure someone will be able to help. Hey, and tell your friends. Ok I know you don’t want too many people competing with you for this stamp but surely you want them to be able to join in as well J

Enough for now.. I have more tomorrow….. the Canadian Snowbirds on stamps.. Thanks Jane.. they were in my PO Box today. Enjoy your stamps….. Michael.


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